Groupama Saint Denis

Groupama Saint Denis

The Caisse Locale de Saint-Denis is one of the 12 Local Banks of Groupama Indian Ocean in Reunion Island. It is anchored in the reality of the region and insures more than 5,000 members on the territory of Lyon.

Within the Caisse Locale de Saint-Denis, the members are listened to at general meetings and are involved on the Board of Directors, which has various missions:

-informing the members about Groupama’s advantages and services,

-feed back about the wishes of the member-policy holders in order to adapt the contracts to changing needs and to provide the best services at the best cost,

-taking decisions, organising preventive actions (health, road safety, fire, theft, etc.), promoting communication and ensuring the proper management of the local Caisse.

The directors, all volunteers, act as relays between the members and the company to improve the quality of offers, services and benefits.

The Board of Directors of Saint-Denis carries out citizen actions in line with the region.

This is why it has chosen to financially support the Life+ Pétrel programme, whose actions are aimed at stopping the decline in the species of petrels endemic to Reunion Island, the Mascarene Petrel and the Barau Petrel. The aim of this partnership is to participate in the creation of an innovative and original communication and awareness-raising medium for the LIFE+ Petrels programme. To do this, an event, organised in November 2016, will create a synergy around the issue of Petrels, by bringing together local actors.