Barau's Petrel
This species has been protected since 1989. Population size is estimated to be between 6,000 and 8,000 breeding couples (LE CORRE, M. & SAFFORD, R. 2001), maybe more (unpublished data). Breeding colonies are located in very remote areas in the highest mountains of the island.
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Mascarene Petrel
Unknown to the general public and to scientists, this mysterious species is also called "Timize" in Creole. It is the basis of many tales and legends.
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The Threats
Why are petrels in danger? What are the threats to these birds ? Find out who its predators and become aware of a particularly dangerous threat to birds but also for us ... light pollution !
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You found a petrel ?
If you found a stranded bird, take it and put it carefully in a box pierced with a few holes. Do not feed it and do not try to take care of it yourself. As soon as possible, call the SEOR care centre on 02 62 20 46 65 - Press 1.
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  • Campagne de stérilisation : 2 nouvelles zones d’action !

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Life+ Petrels

A federative project
and participative

The LIFE + Petrels program (2014-2020) aims to halt the decline of endemic petrels in Reunion. These birds are emblematic of Reunion Island’s exceptional biodiversity. The project brings together the island’s various stakeholders and actors to save the Petrel, which is currently on the brink of extinction and threatened by introduced predators and light pollution. The project is 50% co-funded by the EU.