Stéphane MICHEL - Parc national de La Réunion

What should you
do if you find a petrel ?

Once on the ground, petrels cannot take off again alone … They need you!

If you found a stranded bird, take it and put it carefully in a box pierced with a few holes. Do not feed it and do not try to take care of it yourself. As soon as possible, call the SEOR care centre on 02 62 20 46 65 – Press 1.
Once deposited in a relay centre indicated to you on the phone (police station, fire station, etc.), a volunteer will quickly come to pick it up.
Never release the bird or attempt to look after it yourself.
A medical exam needs be made on each individual found. The bird will be examined in the best possible conditions and will also be fitted with a ring that will allow us to learn more about its movements and this will improve SEOR data.
Petrels are endangered birds and are endemic to our island, i.e. they only reproduce in Reunion. It is therefore our responsibility to save them. With your help we can make it happen!
Thank you for your help!