Projet – Life + PÉTRELS – What’s at stake ?



Halting biodiversity loss and preventing the extinction of these heritage species are the major challenges this project will face. To achieve this goal, a concerted conservation strategy will be implemented in partnership with local stakeholders. The project will be the first in Reunion Island to establish large-scale, concerted conservation efforts across the island, from the coastline up to the highest peaks.

Petrels are ideal pilot species to demonstrate that social acceptance, also called “Ecological Solidarity”, is essential to improve the link between natural, protected upland areas, where petrels nest, and urbanized coastal regions through which petrels must pass in order to reach the sea.

The entire population of the island needs to be made aware of the plight faced by Petrels. Therefore, this project will not be limited to conservation projects in upland areas and the National Park, but will also target the island’s socioeconomic actors with the ultimate aim of establishing a collaborative program which will boost local initiatives.

Biodiversity conservation requires the development of modern and suitable techniques and everyone needs to get involved.

Indeed, the island context of Reunion, its diversity of habitats and its extremely mountainous terrain make it unique and extraordinary. However, it also makes it harder to use conventional conservation tools. Research and innovation are thus essential for a coherent and sustainable conservation strategy.

On a larger scale, these innovative initiatives will bring knowledge which will be shared around the world, making Reunion’s plight better known in the Indian Ocean and further afield.

It is up to us to save this species !