Projet – Life + PÉTRELS – Objectives



=>Protect natural heritage

– Improve our knowledge of and identify colonies of Mascarene Petrels in the highest peaks of the island, previously unknown and inaccessible settlements, using innovative methods – Reduce numbers of introduced predators (cats and rats) in the environment and reduce light pollution – Raise public awareness

=>Protect cultural heritage

– Make a compendium of stories and legends based around petrels – Develop cultural events – Implement new practices, projects and teaching tools – Raise local awareness and involve local stakeholders in the sustainable conservation of petrels

=>Create, innovate and educate

– Create partnerships and exchange programs with other countries (training, techniques, seminars etc.) – Bring in experts and visit similar sites (Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand) – Train students – Create advanced local technology (beacons, GPS, Smartphone applications) – Become a leader in the conservation of these species without affecting economic development

This project will contribute to the development of personal and organisational skills in conservation, which will be transferable to other islands with similar problems.

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